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Bahama ShutterBahama shutters are a way to protect your home to Florida Building Code standards while keeping the aesthetic value of your home. They stay on the home year round and can be closed extremely quickly by one person. The blades in our “Elite” Bahama shutters are articulating, so the blade can be adjusted to let as much or as little light as desired into the home. Our Bahama shutters offer aluminum to aluminum top hinge to reduce the corrosion effect form dissimilar metal contact. The “Bulldog” style Bahama shutter is available in 192 color options. This type of protection is ideal for the home or business owner who is tired of being left in the dark for days after a storm has passed and also for individuals who would like protection and security available year round. At Affordable Aluminum we manufacture two distinct styles of Bahama shutters, the “Elite” brand and the “bulldog” brand.
Please refer to the measuring and ordering page to determine which shutter best suits your individual needs.



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